Business Continuity Plan

Viant Capital LLC Notice of Business Continuity Plan

Recognizing how important it is to you that we make every effort to keep the unexpected from interfering with our operations, we have developed a contingency and disaster recovery plan. The plan provides procedures for dealing with events such as fires, power outages, evacuations, severe weather, destructive acts, and other circumstances that could disrupt business continuity.

Viant’s plan has three goals:

  • to prevent events and impacts that are within our control
  • to ensure the continued operation of all aspects of our business and services in any circumstances, to the extent possible
  • to speed the resumption of any disrupted business activities and the recovery of any lost data as quickly as reasonably possible with minimal interruption, depending on the nature and extent of the business disruption

Based on a review of financial and operational risks, we have put in place a contingency and disaster recovery plan that includes these major elements:

  • backup and recovery technologies for all mission-critical systems
  • alternate customer communications systems, including rerouting of critical hotline numbers
  • alternate physical site locations and temporary housing for essential personnel
  • access contingencies for technology and telecom systems
  • employee preparedness training
  • procedures for notifying customers in the event of a service disruption, including information on length of the disruption and instructions for contacting Viant

Our contingency and disaster recovery plan is reviewed and updated at least once a year to ensure that it allows for changes in technology, business operations, regulations, and physical facilities. This notice will be updated any time there are material changes. For a current copy of this notice, please contact Viant Capital LLC at 415-820-6100.