07/09/2004 Press Release
Viant Completes Sale of Oddpost to Yahoo. Yahoo Acquires E-Mail, News Service Vendor

San Francisco, CA

Viant Group today announced that Yahoo acquired Oddpost for an undisclosed amount. Viant Group represented Oddpost in the transaction. Oddpost is based in San Francisco and is a software company that developed and operates a Web-based e-mail service that works much like a desktop application.

Yahoo spokeswoman Mary Osako said in a statement, "The acquisition of Oddpost provides Yahoo with outstanding technological expertise, which will be brought to bear on products across the Yahoo network, such as Yahoo Mail . Oddpost represents the best and brightest in engineering talent, and we are excited to welcome them to the Yahoo family."

The acquisition will enable Oddpost to leverage Yahoo's vast distribution system to quickly build upon the current, dedicated base of users who are scattered throughout the world and became aware of the service largely through word-of-mouth marketing. The Oddpost website stated in typical cheeky fashion, “Our technology will flourish like a palm tree and/or IT professional's waistline in Silicon Valley. While the glory of Oddpost has, thus far, been witnessed by the eyes of an enlightened few, soon it will be savored by millions.”

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